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Now a day the main problems are communication in other countries during the travel, studies, and visiting. So we introduce one of the best application is
with other important tools.

Text Translator
Voice Translator
Document Scanner
OCR Generator – Scan your document and edit them
Bar-code / QR scanner
Voice Notepad
Now you can easily translate voice or text into 100+ different languages through voice & text language translator, Doc Scanner app, whenever you want. But your job is that download voice & text language translator, Doc Scanner app and select the required translate language (voice & Text) then if you select text option, simply type the sentence you want to translate in your language and another country language. Select the source language and into which you want to do the translation and press the "Translate" button and easily translate the other language into the country language. One thing is important that first of all, you will select languages for the accurate translation.
In case you are out of the country and communicate with other person but you do not know what he saying your job is that just open this app and press the voice translator button and this app is listening to the sentence and translate into your selected language.
• Fast and easy translation app
• Translate between 100+ languages by typing and voice.
• Tap to text Translate: write & paste text in translate box and translate in your languages
• Conversation Mode: Two-way speech translation into different languages
• Text Translate
• Voice Translate
• Listen to your translation
• Copy the translation
• Speech to text
• Text to speech
Document Scanner/ PDF doc Scanner is the most important features of voice & text language translator, Doc Scanner voice & text language translator, Doc Scanner app user can scan any documents, reports, receipts, photos, or anything.
Sometimes in a day, you need to scan your important documents and save in your mobile for the printing and other propose, but you cannot get the most accurate result through mobile camera photos. In that situation, Doc Scanner application is full fill your requirements.
There are some additional features in voice & text language translator, Doc Scanner app which make your document after scanning more professional and good to look at. You can crop the document after scanning with the suitable edging. Voice & text language translator, Doc Scanner app allow that you can save your documents in different Shapes like PDF, Images with different effects and text and more.
Doc Scanner, photo clear scanner is best to document reader, for example, All types PDF Document Scanner, Paper Scanner, PDF Creator, Easy Scanner, Best Document Scanner Lite, free Portable Scanner, All type of Doc Scan.
* Scan your document.
* Enhance the scan quality automatically
* Enhancement includes smart/larges cropping and many more.
* Scan your document and save in PDF document.
* CS scans save your scanning image, document into clear with good light effects.
* Arrange your doc in folder
* Save and Share PDF/JPEG files.
* You can print and fax the scanned doc directly from this app.
QR & Barcode Scanner generator is the fastest application. QR & Barcode Scanner is important essential for Android user. QR scanner/ barcode reader app is identified as registered items.
QR scanner/ free barcode reader is extremely easy to use. Just open the QR reader and scan the barcode and this application shows the details of scan items. You can generate own code with OCR and register your items.


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